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List of Lists - UK
List of Lists UK - Charities & Charity Donors

CharityBase are without question the UK's leading provider of charity lists, helping to add value to the marketing campaigns of those organisations who use our lists; below you will find a list of all of our charity lists for the United Kingdom: if you would like further information on a particular list, simply click the 'View Datacard' button. from there you can buy it online, at the lowest prices in the industry by far.

We also operate a refund policy that completely removes any risk from our customers: if you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, we won't quibble and refund the purchase price in full. This refund policy is in place to guarantee complete peace of mind.

Name of list

Coverage Business/Consumer No. of records View Datacard
25,000 largest UK Charity Donors - Opt-in email addresses UK Consumer 25,000

Big Charity Donors

(Special Offer - reduced by over 75%)

UK Consumer 5,000
Corporate Charity Donors UK Business 265,995
Fundraising Managers UK Business 3,000
Individuals who give to Animal Charities UK Consumer 201,433
Individuals who give to Cancer Charities UK Consumer 131,590
Individuals who give to Charities for Aged People UK Consumer 26,560
Individuals who give to Charities for Children UK Consumer 156,722
Individuals who give to Charities for People with Disabilities UK Consumer 48,450
Individuals who give to Cultural/Heritage Charities UK Consumer 21,953
Individuals who give to Environmental Charities UK Consumer 29,602
Individuals who give to Hospital/Hospice Charities UK Consumer 17,602
Individuals who give to Medical Research/Welfare Charities UK Consumer 54,560
Individuals who give to Overseas Aid/Third World Charities UK Consumer 32,491
Top 2,000 Individual Charity Donors UK Consumer 2,000
Top 2,000 UK Companies - Charity Donors UK Business 2,000
Top 2,500 UK Charities UK Business 2,500

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